Shark Bay Kitesurfing School


Kitesurfing has nothing to do with your body or muscle strength. You just need to be fit and healthy and know how to swim.

Whether you are 7 or 99 years young, and whatever your weight or level of experience, Shark Bay Kitesurfing can teach you to kiteboard.


Shark Bay Kitesurfing recommends booking 6 hours  or  8 hours of teaching to ensure you have enough time to practice getting up on the board. Please note that for some students 8 hours might not be enough, as each person learns at a difference pace. Your learning pace will depend mostly on your background in other sports and your kite control skills.

Please note that if you are starting from beginner level, a 2 Hour or 4 hour lesson will most likely NOT be enough to get you up on the board.


I hope to describe the ideal spot to learn kite boarding;

Flat water: Learning kite surfing, especially the part when you are body dragging and trying the water start, is much easier in flat water.

Standing area: For beginner kite boarders, choosing an area where you can stand up in the water will make things a whole lot easier.

Consistent, stable wind: There is nothing trickier, when learning to kitesurf, than very gusty wind, or wind that drops from one minute to another or only comes every other day. Little Lagoon in Shark Bay is one example of an area with gusty wind, due to its location. It is best to choose a spot with a high wind probability and stable wind. You can always ask us for our expert opinion on the best place to kitesurf, based on your experience level and the current weather conditions.

No obstacles in the water, no currents: In an ideal world you just have a large beach with no reef or rocks in the water and no trees which are very close by.

Space on the water and on the beach: There is nothing worse than a tiny crowded beach or an insanely crowded spot with a lot of kite board beginners who tangle their lines.

No offshore wind and a rescue service: Once you finish your lessons you will be in the water on your own. The wind should not be offshore and you should be able to do the self rescue and arrive back at the beach without a rescue boat. There should be a rescue service, just in case.

Warm water – Optional:  I personally could only learn or practice kitesurfing at a warm spot, since I get cold super fast. Shark Bay summer water temperatures are wonderful and warm.


Our kite surfing school is OPEN all year. From September to April the wind is really strong (15 to 35 knots) and the water is nice and warm. From April to June, the winds are more gentle to moderate (12 to 25 knots) but still great for teaching. The less windy season is from July to August (5 to 18 knots).


Denham, Shark Bay is located on a peninsula and the water is very shallow in many places.

The water temperature can get very warm and up to around 30 degrees in summer.

In winter between June and August the water temperature is cooler at between 15 to 18 degrees.

For most of the year Shark Bay’s water temperature is very mild and a great to learn kite surfing in.


Perth to Shark Bay by Car

The drive from Perth to Shark Bay is between 8 and 9 hours or 800 kilometers.

The directions are simple: either take National route 1 to Shark Bay Road or take State Route 60 and National Route 1 to Shark Bay Road.

By Coach

Catch the bus with Integrity Coach Lines to the Overlander Roadhouse, located on the North West Coastal Highway.  Transport to and from Denham or Monkey Mia can be provided by Shark Bay Coaches.  This service can be pre-booked by  email or calling 0429 110 104.


We have many airlines fly to Western Australia and prices vary considerably, so it pays to shop around for a flight. A list of International Airlines and Domestic Airlines can be found on the Perth Airport website. Consider the length of the flight and any mandatory stopovers

Perth Airport

Perth airport is located 12km from Perth Center Business District. For more information on how to get to Perth Airport, please visit the Perth Airport website.

Perth to Shark Bay

Regional Express Airlines operates 12 weekly services between Perth and Monkey Mia/Denham Airport. Bookings can be made via REX online, by calling 13 17 13 or via the Shark Bay Discovery and Visitor Centre. Please select Monkey Mia as the destination airport.  Regional Express Airlines operates from Terminal 2 at Perth Airport.

Airport Transfers

Shark Bay Coaches offers airport transfers to Shark Bay, and also tours in the region including trips to Monkey Mia RAC. All trips can be booked through the Shark Bay Discovery and Visitor Center. Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort offers airport transfers to their guests and can be booked directly with the resort on 08 9948 1320.

Rental car in Shark Bay

Car Hire

Shark Bay Car Hire offer few vehicle options and can be booked direct on 0474556296.