• Shark Bay Kitesurfing offer private Kite boarding lessons. Choosing this option ensure you will get the fastest progression possible.
  • the best spots of flat and crystal water in Western Australia, we can teaching our students in any wind direction, all year round.
  • Shark bay kite surfing offer languages course in English and French.
  • BB Talking Radio Helmet for a fastest progression.
  • Ours gears are brand new.
  • Learning in shallow, warm and crystal water.
  • briefing and debriefing
  • Have fun with us !
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  • Kite surfing group lessons are Amazing for Friends,Couples or families who want to practice and learn Kite boarding in a fun and safe way. Group sizes are 2 students per Instructor for the beginner.
  • 2 Students learn while sharing one Kite. This allows people to watch and learn while their partner practices before trying themselves.
  • Languages course in English and French.
  • Lessons with Radio Helmet for a fastest progression.
  • All gears brand new.
  • Our School teaching in shallow, warm and crystal water.
  • We organize a Briefing and debriefing
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  • Are you already a independent kite surfer and want to explore Shark Bay where we have the Park Francois Peron, Big Lagoon, Little Lagoon,Eagle Bluff, Monkey Mia has and more secrets spots to offer… Book a tour or a downwinder for an unforgettable and amazing experience.
  • Tour with Radio Helmet for your safe.
  • Minimum 4 peoples.
  • Kitesurfing in shallow, warm and crystal water.
  • Bunch of animals.
  • Lot of  Surprise!
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What people say about Shark Bay Kitesurfing

Delphine Jourda
Delphine Jourda
01:50 14 Jun 18
We went to Shark bay few days ago and had the best experience with kitesurfing! Damien the french teacher is awesome! thank you!
Arnaud Menard
Arnaud Menard
09:43 10 Jun 18
I had a really great time with Damien during my kitesurfing lesson. It’s a really good teachers , the spots are fantastic. Everything was perfect! I recommend him. Thanks Damien and see you soon
Lidia Colangelo
Lidia Colangelo
08:52 04 Jun 18
First time kitesurfing and I loved it. Very nice instructor and he made me feel comfortable with the kite and safe too, which was something I was worried about before taking lessons. I would highly recommend this kitesurfing school to my friends and family 🙂
Pascal Tortosa
Pascal Tortosa
08:39 04 Jun 18
I had a very good time learning kitesurfing in Shark bay. Damian is very passionate and professional. The spots are absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to go back there and enjoy those conditions again.
Marcjeanrafi92 Kostoglouyan
Marcjeanrafi92 Kostoglouyan
00:35 30 May 18
You like Kitesurfing??!!go To Shark Bay!!!This is unbelievable place To practice and Damien is an awesome teacher and funny man!!!you love this guy trust me....I want to come back 😟
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