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A Downwinder is quite a different way to kite surf and opens up the possibility of new adventures, incredible views and access to areas that may not be possible from land. As you go downwind, the power of the kite is reduced and you do not need to use the edge of the board so much. You can cover long distances very quickly or take it easy and have a good look around you. View beautiful scenery and the red cliffs of Peron Peninsula and enjoy wildlife spotting; you may see turtles, dolphins, eagles, dugongs or even emus on the beach.

Shark Bay Kitesurfing offers different Downwinder options :

You can learn new skills and it adds another dimension to kitesurfing. You can try some toe-side riding and long carved turns without worrying about losing distance upwind.


Shark Bay is a really safe and incredible place to Kitesurfing, we have a lots of spots with an easy access close to Denham:

Nicholson Point: where we teach 90% of time.

Little Lagoon: beautiful with some barbecue facilities, wind can be a bit gusty.

Big Lagoon: in the Francois Peron National Park, ideal with high tide and only accessible with a high clearance 4WD (all-wheel drive will not be suitable).

We also have some Amazing Secret Spots where you could be riding your  private pond  in the middle of nowhere! This is why, we at Shark Bay kitesurfing  are organising  KITE DAY SAFARI.

Whatever your level, join us for a Amazing day of fun in Shark Bay for kite boarding.